Joining PRIME

Before you join PRIME, you'll need to:

1. Check the EMR Integration List. If you don't see your EMR, you will need to choose the Manual Entry Plan option.  Check the list: EMR INTEGRATION

2. Designate someone to manage the account. The person who manages the account will be the point person for the EMR integration and the data validation process. This person will need to be available for a few webinar-type meetings to ensure the accuracy of the data being pulled from your EMR.

3. Have your basic practice information and NPIs for the clinicians you want to be included from your practice. This can range from just one, especially if yours is a solo practice, to as many as you want to see performance data on.

4. Be SURE to sign the agreements with ABFM and technology partner FIGmd! There are two agreements which must be signed to complete your enrollment. If these aren't signed within a few weeks, you'll have to start the enrollment process over. 

Want more information about joining? Read, or watch, below.

PRIME Registry sign up manual (PDF)