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PHATE™ Population Health Assessment Engine

PHATE is a new population health tool commissioned by the ABFM and developed in collaboration with the Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES) at the University of Missouri. PHATE provides clinicians with a fuller understanding of their patient population in the context of their community. PHATE utilizes patient data from the PRIME Registry to assign a Community Vital Sign to an individual patient based on Census Tract characteristics. The resulting reports and information help clinicians and practices better understand the characteristics of patient risks and illuminating local resources and opportunities for assistance, intervention and improvement.

In its fullest form, PHATE uses EHR and Community Data to:

–       Map physician or clinic service area

–       Show clusters of disease

–       Show clusters of poor outcomes

–       Pull in social determinant data (poverty, less than high school ed., single parent household, unemployment etc.)

–       Create a Community Vital Sign for every patient

–       Display community resources for patients and practice