Best in PRIME Awards

Celebrating Practices that Demonstrate Excellence

PRIME Registry has just awarded the first Best in PRIME awards for practices demonstrating excellence in patient relationships as indicated by their scores on the Person-Centered Primary Care Measure.

The PCPCM Patient-Reported Outcome Measure is a short survey that measures the high value aspects of primary care based on the patient’s relationship with their clinician or practice.

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The Award Recipients Are:

  • Carroll Health Group
  • Family Practice Associates of Chesterfield
  • Mark W. Hinman, MD, LLC
  • Morehead Primary Care

  • Johnston Family Medicine
  • Family Practice Specialists of Richmond
  • Crowley Primary Care, LLC
  • Village at Newtown Medical Center

Read What Some of the Award Recipients Have to Say:

Q: Our patients rate you very highly for being their advocate-are there any examples that are especially memorable for you?

I’m not sure I know the specific reasons why my patients have responded as positively as they have.  I do try to understand my patients and what is important to them to try to meet those needs.  I am in private practice and have a nurse practitioner, Rhea, who works with me.  Having a small office helps in getting to know your patients better and especially in continuity of care.

~ Mark W. Hinman, MD, LLC

We try to solve all kinds of “frustrations” for our patients. We fight to get the most benefit from their insurances, from appealing claims to peer-to-peer reviews. If we feel that the patient would benefit from certain testing, we will fight the insurance companies as far up the chain as possible. We schedule appointments for patients at specialists offices, for outpatient testing, hospitalizations, etc. We educate our patients on wellness and its importance. We offer concierge style care to the traditional model patients. We feel if the patient is concerned enough to call the office for advice, that they deserve to be seen same day. We try to maintain adequate staff so that we can give the most attention to our patients. Our patients are not a patient of a certain provider, they are patients of the whole practice. Most patients get to know all of our providers and feel comfortable doing so.

~ Vanessa C, Administrator, Family Practice Specialists of Richmond

Q: How do you maintain your patient relationships during a time where there is so much consolidation happening in the healthcare industry?

We have dealt with consolidation in our own office, 2 providers have retired in the past year, and 2 other providers have left our practice for other ventures. We have stopped taking any new patients so that we have the space to absorb the patients that were seeing these providers. We try to keep them in the practice, we are almost always looking for more providers and expanding our capabilities to help more people. We recognize how important the relationship between a patient and our office is and try our best to go above and beyond for our patients in any way we can.

~ Jennifer G., Clinical Supervisor, Family Practice of Chesterfield

Q: In areas where large healthcare systems are prevalent and appointments are given to the first available physician, what advice would you give to help other physicians that want to maintain good relationships with their patients?

Treat each person as you want to be treated, show kindness, understanding, support and education to our patients. Hold down costs for patients, be responsive, focus on prevention.

~ Vanessa C, Administrator, Family Practice Specialists of Richmond

Q: How do/would you prioritize your patient relationships in a team-based care setting?

We utilize team-based care to reach out to patients for follow up, help with chronic care management, and coordinate their care. We include patient’s families, especially with our elderly patients, as part of the care team. Patients and families greatly appreciate working together.

~ Mark W. Hinman, MD, LLC

We are all here because of the patients and we keep that in the forefront of our mind. Without relationships with our patients, we would not be here. They are the reason for our being, and they come first always. Everyone is treated as important. We simply just try to be as helpful as we can.

~ Vanessa C, Administrator, Family Practice Specialists of Richmond