Easily field, track and analyze Patient Reported Outcomes measures

PRIME Registry Integrated PRO platform

This platform, included in the PRIME Registry dashboard, integrates with your EHR data, automatically populating patient information and survey responses.

FREE PRO-Only Platform

The PRIME Registry FREE Patient Reported Outcomes platform enables implementation of PRO measures like the PCPCM for MCP at no cost, no EHR integration needed. The easy to use upload interface allows you to get started quickly. Once data is being collected, you can easily view, analyze and work with the data.

PRO Measures Available

The Person-Centered Primary Care Measure (PCPCM)

The PCPCM is featured in the Making Care Primary program, and is also available for MIPS, MIPS Value Pathways, and a growing number of programs.

The Person-Centered Primary Care Measure (CMS QPP483) is a comprehensive and parsimonious set of 11 patient-reported items, designed to assess the broad scope of primary care. This patient survey measures the high value aspects of primary care based on the patient’s relationship with their clinician or practice. The measure was developed and is stewarded by the Measures That Matter team at The Center for Professionalism and Value in Health Care.

The Physician Trust Measure

An ongoing, trusting relationship between clinicians and patients is especially vital for primary care clinicians since effective relationships over time drive better health outcomes, higher professional satisfaction and lower costs.

The Physician Trust measure is a patient reported measure that uses the Wake Forest Trust Scale short form, a 5-item scale designed to assess trust in primary care physicians. The scale considers four dimensions of trust: fidelity, competence, honesty, and global trust.

The scale has been widely used in the U.S. and internationally. It has been shown to have good cross-cultural consistency/validity both at home and abroad. It has also been used in a variety of age groups and in underserved populations.

The Physician Trust PRO-PM is part of the Measures That Matter to Primary Care initiative, and is currently being tested in the PRIME Registry. Your practice’s adoption of this measure can help make it potentially available in Medicare’s Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Program.


The nine-item Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) is a depressive symptom scale and diagnostic tool introduced in 2001 to screen adult patients in primary care settings. The instrument assesses for the presence and severity of depressive symptoms and a possible depressive disorder.