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Frequently Asked Questions about PRIME Registry

Frequently Asked Questions about PRIME Registry

What is PRIME Registry?
PRIME Registry is an outpatient quality clinical data registry (QCDR) that allows the user to view their performance on a set of quality measures at the practice, location and clinician level. This performance is calculated using the practice Electronic Medical Record data.

What data does PRIME collect?
PRIME collects data relating to patient encounters found in the practice’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR), such as Patient Demographics: Patient Race, Ethnicity, Social History , Medication : RxNorm Codes, NDC Codes and CVX Codes, Diagnosis codes (ICD 9/10), SNOMEDCT, CPT codes, HCPCS, Vital Signs, Plan of Care : Cessation and counselling data, Lab Results and Lab Test Data, LOINC, Patients Notes, and Insurance related data.

How does PRIME get the data?
These data are either securely extracted via a proprietary software developed by FIGmd or are sent securely via an alternate method by the practice or the EMR vendor.

Where is it stored? Is it secure?
All data for the registry are handled in accordance with HIPAA requirements, encrypted both at rest and while in motion. All registry data are housed here in the U.S. using Amazon Web Services (AWS). GovCloud.AWS GovCloud (US) is a FedRAMP certified, isolated AWS region designed to allow U.S. government agencies and customers to host more sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements.

Additionally, FIGmd has completed a comprehensive security audit with the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) for their complete data registry platform (DRAP), as well as the cloud-enabled services (CEAS) exclusively for FedRAMP certified services like AWS GovCloud.

What can I use PRIME for?
Your PRIME subscription includes reporting services for quality payment programs such as MIPS and CPC+, and a growing set of Registry Apps that include PHATE, the population health tool, PI Activity (for ABFM Diplomates), Patient Empanelment, and Risk Stratification.

Within your dashboard, you can see at-a-glance performance on all included measures or select favorites to view only those measures that are most important in your practice. By drilling down on a particular measure, you can see which patients are meeting or not meeting the standards for a measure and use that information to identify—and resolve—care gaps.

You can also run measure-specific reports to see how your or your practice’s performance on a specific measure for a specific time period.

What does it cost to use PRIME?
The ABFM subsidizes the cost of PRIME to make it accessible to more clinicians. We now offer two plans to meet the needs of more Primary Care Providers. Please note: pricing is an annual fee, based on dashboard access, and applies without regard to CMS reporting usage.

  • EMR-integrated plan: $360/yr per provider per year
    – Full Dashboard Access for at-a-glance viewing of quality measure performance
    – Full Access to All Dashboard Apps, including PHATE
    – Reporting on all MIPS Components
    – Individual and/or Group Submission for CMS Reporting for MIPS (All MIPS Quality Measures included)
    – Submission Support for CPC+ (Tracks 1 and 2)
  • Manual data entry plan (no EMR required): FREE For ABFM Diplomates, $95 Per Provider/Year, All Other Clinicians
    – Live Dashboard for Viewing Quality Measure Performance
    – Reporting on all MIPS Components to qualify and earn positive payment adjustment on up to 6 quality measures. Reporting for all Three MIPS Components. – Supports Individual and Group Submission. This plan requires MANUAL ENTRY of records. CMS requires 12 months of data for the Quality category for 2018 reporting.
  • FREE EMR-integrated plan for ABFM Diplomates*
  • *FREE For First 3 Years, $295 Per Provider Per Year After 3 Years
    – Full Dashboard Access for at-a-glance viewing of quality measure performance
    – Full Access to All Dashboard Apps, including PHATE
    – Reporting on all MIPS Components
    – Individual and/or Group Submission for CMS Reporting for MIPS (All MIPS Quality Measures included)
    – Submission Support for CPC+ (Tracks 1 and 2)
    – Exclusive Access to PI Activity Tool (Earn Certification Points For Performance Improvement Activities Completed Within PRIME Dashboard)

How often is the data updated?
Your data will be updated in your PRIME dashboard monthly.

Does my PRIME enrollment automatically renew?
You will receive a renewal notice annually, at which time you may choose to continue or cancel.

How do I enroll in PRIME?
To enroll in PRIME, simply visit to register.

How do I cancel my enrollment?
If you want to cancel your enrollment, you may email to do so.

What if my EMR changes?
In the event that there are changes to your EMR, please notify the FIGmd mapping team at to make sure your data is still mapped accurately.

My practice is exempt from MIPS. Why would I need PRIME?
While your PRIME membership includes reporting services for quality payment programs such as MIPS and CPC+, it also gives you access to your personalized quality dashboard, where you can track your performance on measures that matter to you and your practice. Your dashboard also includes a growing set of Registry Apps, such as PHATE, Patient Empanelment and Risk Stratification, and Performance Improvement Activity for ABFM Diplomates.

Did ABFM develop the registry platform? Why do I hear about FIGmd? Who is FIGmd?
The ABFM developed the registry platform with technology partner FIGmd, Inc. FIGmd has developed the platform for 20+ specialty registries like PRIME. During enrollment, you will need to review and sign both an agreement with the ABFM and FIGmd. FIGmd is responsible for extracting and mapping your data, and provides user support throughout the cycle of your subscription. You will receive email communications from time to time about your PRIME account from the domain

May I enroll if I am not a family physician?
Yes! PRIME Registration is open to ALL Primary Care clinicians- not just family doctors. (NPs, PAs, RNs, DOs, etc.)

Can PRIME share my data without my consent?

Can I get custom reports from PRIME?
Yes, once you are enrolled in PRIME you may submit a request to receive quarterly customized reports over the measures of your choice.

Our practice is part of an ACO. Why would we use PRIME?
ACO participants can still take advantage of PRIME’s quality dashboard to monitor performance, identify gaps in care, use PHATE to gain insight into patients’ social demographics, and ABFM Diplomates may use the PI Activity app to earn points toward certification.

Can I use PRIME for Medicaid reporting?
PRIME does include several measures pertinent to Medicaid. Full capability for Medicaid reporting through PRIME is expected in 2019.

My EMR isn’t on the EMR Integration list? Can I still enroll in PRIME?
If you don’t see your EMR on the list, you can still enroll in PRIME. Simply choose the Manual Data Entry Plan option. If your EMR becomes compatible after you enroll, we’ll notify you

There’s a message that says I need to be enrolled by July 31 to be able to use PRIME for MIPS reporting. What are my options if I missed that deadline?
If you enroll in the PRIME EMR-Integrated Plan after July 31, you may still view your data in the PRIME dashboard, and take advantage of the full suite of dashboard apps, including the newly released population health mapping tool, PHATE, once your data are being extracted and have been made available in your dashboard. You will need to find an alternative method for MIPS and CPC+ reporting, or use the Manual Entry Plan. This plan does require the manual entry of records, and therefore is more labor intensive. You’ll want to begin as soon as possible, as a full calendar year of data is required for the Quality portion.

If you enroll in the PRIME Manual Entry Plan after July 31, you may still use it to report your data to MIPS, but you’ll want to enroll as soon as possible, as a full calendar year of data is required for the Quality portion.

Can I use PRIME for CPC+ reporting?
The PRIME Registry is certified as a global Health IT partner to support clinical quality measure collection and reporting for clinicians enrolled in Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+).

Does PRIME meet the CMS requirements as a vehicle for reporting?
Yes, The PRIME Registry has received approval from CMS as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry.

How do I know the performance data I see in PRIME are accurate?

Throughout the onboarding process you will work with your Client Account Executive and the data mapping team to validate the data pulled from your EMR. This will take place over a series of webinar-style conferences during which they will discuss your documentation patterns and adjust how the data is pulled to ensure accuracy. Additionally, any time you have a question or concern about data in your dashboard, you may contact the technical team using the comment box in the dashboard, or the live chat feature, or by calling or emailing you Client Account Executive directly.

Who do I contact if I have problems with my PRIME dashboard?
You may email or call 1-240-823-4463 for assistance with your dashboard, or you may contact your Client Account Executive directly via phone or email.

I started to enroll, but had problems with the agreements section. How do I finish enrolling?
Please contact or call 1-240-823-4463 for any assistance you may need with your agreements.

I forgot my username and/or password and need to finish enrolling. What do I do?
Please contact or call 1-240-823-4463 for any login assistance you may need.

When I clicked on my EMR name on the enrollment page, I ended up on another site. What is ELIXIR? Am I still enrolling in PRIME?
ELIXIR is similar to the Registry Practice Connector or RPC software, but developed for a specific set of EMRs. ELIXIR, like RPC, securely extracts data from your EMR for use in the registry. You are still enrolling in PRIME. However, as you complete the process within the ELIXIR portal, you may want to double check that PRIME is the selected registry.

I don’t have an EMR. Can I enroll in PRIME?
If you do not have an EMR you can still enroll in and utilize a more basic version of PRIME, the Manual Data Entry Plan option.

What if we want to add or remove a provider in the middle of the enrollment year?
Send an email to or

Still have questions?
Email us: or call us: 877-223-7437

For technical assistance with PRIME enrollment, dashboard, or dashboard login:
Email or call 1-240-823-4463