Introducing PRIME 133:

a new Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measure in the PRIME Quality Dashboard.

All practices enrolled in the PRIME Registry are invited to help shape the future of Primary Care by establishing measures that are more meaningful to you and your patients. Please join with us in our efforts to revolutionize healthcare by adopting the new PCPCM in your practice.

What is PRIME 133?

PRIME 133 is a patient-reported measure of exemplary primary care that has been developed by the Larry A. Green Center, based on extensive development work with patients, clinicians and health care payers. The measure is the winner in the Patient-Reported Outcomes category of the National Quality Forum (NQF) Next-Generation Innovator Abstract Award.

Implementing the PCPCM in your practice is an opportunity to implement a means of measuring what is more meaningful to you and your patients.

The Person-Centered Primary Care Measure focuses attention and support on the integrating, personalizing, and prioritizing functions that patients and clinicians say are important. A measure based on these principles may reduce both the de-personalization experienced by patients, and the measurement burden, burnout and crisis of meaning experienced by clinicians.

The PCPCM uses a survey to ask patients to assess 11 distinct yet highly interrelated items regarding their assessment of the care they receive. The 11 items were developed with input from hundreds of patients and physicians, and are associated with better personal and population health, equity, quality and costs.

The work that participating practices do will help support efforts to gain NQF and CMS endorsement for use of the PCPCM in payment, certification and regulatory programs.

Get Started


FIRST, complete the form at left to elect to use PRIME 133.Then, Beginning in January 2020, the patients for whom you have email addresses will receive a survey during their month of birth—i.e. in January, your patients born in January will receive a survey, regardless of an encounter. Each patient will receive one survey per year, giving them an opportunity to assess their care at your practice. (Parents may receive and complete surveys on behalf of their minor children.) Complete the form to elect to use PRIME 133.


You will have access to the new Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) module in the PRIME Registry dashboard, where you will be able to view the aggregated survey results.


As data is gathered over time, you will to begin to see your Person-Centered Primary Care measure (PRIME 133) performance in your quality dashboard as well, along with your performance on other selected measures. Be sure to mark 133 as a favorite for easy access. You may also always view your performance via the PRO module.

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PRIME Registry Agreements

Project Background and FAQs (PDF)

Publication in the Annals of Family Medicine

PRIME Registry Agreements

Patient Reported Outcomes Module User Guide

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The PCPCM is part of a collaboration with the Center for Professionalism & Value in Health Care’s Measures That Matter initiative. Learn More.