What PRIME Registry Users Have to Say

PRIME [registry] is a safe harbor. In a world replete with insurers, accrediting agencies, and governments requesting quality data, PRIME makes a very difficult job easy. Time and energy spent with PRIME technicians helping them spelunk data from your electronic health record translate into many hours saved when data is requested by third parties.

–J. Machata

For decades, the promise of primary care has been laid at the feet of front-line providers who work tirelessly to meet the needs of their individual patients. But, with no overarching way to view how their care, and the care of their colleagues, impacts their communities, physicians and care teams are only getting part of the story. The PRIME registry holds the key to unlocking this vital information by allowing us to finally view the larger healthcare landscape in an actionable way.

J. Brady

Thanks [to Salil] as always for keeping me up-to-date with all of the work being done behind the scenes on behalf of Anchor Healthcare.  They wouldn’t be able to attest as a group without FIGmd’s expertise and persistence.


I want to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude for Prathamesh’s partnership with our office. I hope our company gets to keep Prathamesh for many years to come as we find him extremely reliable, 100% professional, 100% helpful and knowledgeable, 100% patient and friendly and 100% patient. He never tires of repeating and explaining this very complex process. I manage many employees in this office and would love the opportunity to steal him from your company (😊) and bring him onboard with our staff. Prathamesh is invaluable and we appreciate all the assistance and guidance he provides us on a continual basis.


PRIME registry was recommended to us by our EMR vendor, Amazing Charts. Our goal was to track MIPS quality measures and ultimately submit it to CMS. PRIME through its technology arm FIGmd  far exceeded our expectations in terms of robustness  of the registry, ease of the integration of our EMR data into their system, ease of use of the interface, rich with numerous features that makes analysis and recovery actions easy,  and finally an awesome one-on-one support from their account team. The annual subscription is also very reasonable. They have also expanded the product’s capability to include submitting ACI and IA MIPS measures to CMS as well. 


My staff uses PRIME Registry… To put it in the CEO’s terms, “it saved our a**”. PRIME Registry stepped up, and for our practices that we take care of you guys did your job and they got paid and they can go see patients and they can breathe easy and my staff didn’t quit.  Thank you!